This is a dark corner of the internet. There are twisted thoughts and beliefs here. You will come across peculiar intentions and apathetic words. If you hope to stumble upon an entrance to heaven here, you are in the wrong place.

This is the gate to the hell that is a human mind.

As for myself, I am simply a person going through the troubling stages of life that anyone can, and will, experience. I find that writing my thoughts down in the forms of poems and stories is a cathartic way of coping with any struggles.

I personally do not think that my writing has the potential to offend, but it is should come as no surprise if one becomes disturbed after reading my posts. After all, I intend to express my emotions freely through this blog. It is not anyone’s right to tell me whether or not my beliefs are correct, since I did not set out to prove anything about myself to anyone in the first place.

If you enjoy my posts or feel that they have touched you in some way, any way, then I will consider my tacit goal reached. Even though I am often politically incorrect, I feel that there is beauty in being able to express dark, sorrowful things through words just as much there is in bringing out the light in blissful times.

I am not always in a state of depression. While it may be rare for people to express their deeper emotions, there is always a little darkness present in our minds, our worlds, along with a ray of light. As for me, this state of light and darkness, grief and joy, is my bittersweet Blissorrow. I am grateful for the pain and the pleasure that I feel, because it means that I can feel, can perceive.

And that is enough.


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