Dreams Worth Chasing

As I grow into my teenage years, I begin to anticipate the day when I can strike out in the world as my own person. I have always been independent, and while some people may assume that I am reclusive because of an inability to communicate, I am fully capable of taking care of myself and those around me. I look forward to the kind of life where I can do what I have dreamed of doing, where I am no longer bound to the same story that so many others have journeyed through and are journeying through.

However, I have to admit that I may have more fears than I have plans. I am afraid that I will fail as I try to fulfill my goals in life. This kind of thinking in itself is a problem, as I have no particular goals. Any dreams that I might have had have always been too implausible or farfetched to carry much weight in my consideration of the future.

As of now, I have no dreams.

At least, not any that I think I can actually chase. Perhaps some would say that by thinking so neutrally, I am living without passion, but I am not ready to give up security for whim as of yet. I am unsure about my goals because I am unsure about my identity. I have no role to fill except for the one that I have been in for too many years now to have any struggles with anymore, and so I fear that I am living pointlessly.

I hope that, as I grow into my own individual, that I will be able to find a dream that is worth chasing, even if I need to run the risk of failure, and to find the strength to believe that I won’t fail.

That I’ll succeed.


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