Remember the Memories

Inspired by Joe Brainard’s “I Remember.”

I remember watching the cookies baking in the
oven and the scent of comfort in the air.

I remember my mother’s smile glowing above

I remember the night when I first felt the deep
hunger called homesickness in my chest.

I remember staring at myself as my head grew
lighter and it rained hair.

I remember putting my hair in a nice bag and
forgetting to do anything with it.

I remember treating my notebooks like they
were my life (which they were).

I remember looking at old photos of myself,
photos I no longer remember being taken.

I remember gaping at the tiny dog, too large
for my hands.

I remember sitting hunched over my notebooks
at two in the morning, looking and trying to see.

I remember the time when homework didn’t

I remember when I realized that I cry from
frustration and rarely pain.

I remember reading my old notebooks and
stopping after a page because of unwelcome memories.

I remember Barbies.

I remember my brother’s toy cars.

I remember throwing out my notebooks and
running a hand over my empty desk.

I remember needing someone and having no

I remember wanting no one and being wanted.


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