Cacophony Symphony

The flashes blur together in my mind.
The blade shimmers like water on ice.
Tilt ever so slightly.
I see it, flashing.
Flashing through ages.
Endless waves of shimmering, piercing light.
It bursts through the voices.
Wild careless screams.
Shrieks boiling over with white fury.
I let it all in.
The blade runs against the sounds.
Sharper, honing it sharper.
The voices don’t stop.
The blade shining so blindingly.
I’m drowning in beauty.
So pure and whole.
So sharp.
The words drive the blade ever sleeker.
So sharp.
Like a snake, so deadly.
Slice sound to ribbons.
My mind swarms over the noise.
Silence reigns, devoured by dead rampage.
I see it.
Over and over.
White streaks through red blots.
Flashing blade.
Clean flesh.
So pretty, so pure.
A flowing creek runs through my veins.
So quiet, calm as to be painful.
Let’s let it out now.
Let it all out.
Let’s set it free now.
Sparks fly behind my eyes.
Friendly blade wants out.
Fly my shine, my shimmer.
Red streaks, white dots.


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