Just Once More

It’s been a while since I last saw you. How have you been? Are you well? Please tell me you are well. I don’t think I would be able to sleep if you were otherwise. You must think me foolish, to worry so much, but don’t think I’ve forgotten. I would really need to be a fool to forget.

In truth, I just miss you. Can’t you come back to me? It has been too long. All this time, I’ve known that it wouldn’t be you who wouldn’t be able to go on; it would be me. I’m hurting every day I’m apart from you. Please come back to me, or tell me how to find you. I promise I will, just tell me how.

I’ve been waiting for you everyday, in the place where we first met. Won’t you come back to me? Will you, if I beg? I promise I’ll follow you anywhere, if you just come back to me one more time. I promise I’ll never leave you alone again. I don’t care where you want to go, I don’t care where I have to go. As long as it’s with you, I’ll go. Just… come back to me.

I’ll never see you again, at least not until this winter fades to spring, at least not until the blossoms start to bloom. How am I supposed to get to you if I can’t see? Snow is clouding my eyes, fog is blocking out sound. Please, you’re the wind, the flowers, the sun, that will let me see.

Wait for me. I’m coming. Wait for me. I will get to you someday. Wait for me. Please, just wait for me. Wait for me. Don’t give up on me. Wait for me. Just one more day. Don’t give up on me. Wait for me. Don’t give up, not today.


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