Blood, Tears, and Sweat

My dreams, I have not spoken of
my hopes, I have not said
since I know those journeys will be tough
and so a quiet life I have led
but now I have seen what I might be
and felt the stirring calling to me
yet I won’t ever be able to make them see
that what I want, not what I am, is the key
I know it is tough, I know I might fail
but how will it become true if I have not even tried
I am but one, there are many who have lived to tell the tale
might I not be one who will not have died
the future has always been far and away
and I have never thought out of the present
it’s blinding to think of what I might be someday
and so I don’t, since I resent
people, so many, trying to plan out my life
get into uni, a job, money, then you can play
but what if I don’t want to, after all that strife
since I know, I know, I will not stay this way
I want to live how I want that day
whims are enough to fulfill one soul
even if I lie on a decade deathbed, I may
be joyful to know I lived my life full
since I am the one who decides whether I stay
or whether I die before my time
but again my time is mine today
whatever I am now, is my prime
to do what I want, to be me
to improve my world as I see fit
to be someone I think I was meant to be
to be sure that my fire for myself is lit
they have worked hard
shed blood, tears, and sweat
and I no longer wish to be a silent bard
but one with which my course is set
by thousands of others who wish to hear my voice
maybe this is just the dream of a nobody
but they were just that, and given the choice
they took it and ended up winning everybody
even as I sit here typing these words
pouring out my heart to one, only me
I will watch as he wields his as a sword
since he is the one who has done more than me at age 20.


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