Lust Too Evil

I’m alone, save for those around me.
I stand, surveying the room.
I suddenly can’t help hating what I see.
Since everything before me sings a song of doom.

Painting of strife, pathway of grey.
Tempted towards one while touching another.
In my head and heart the song begins to play.
I run, but fall, seeking spiritual cover.

I feel eyes, staring, blaming.
Screaming remorse that I can’t hear.
Refusal to stay silent before dying.
Stranded in water unclear.

Fallen angel, I am not.
Devil’s servant, I refuse.
The floor is burning, my skin feels hot.
Desire smoulders, sparking fiery fuse.

The wave hits, silencing the world.
I don’t struggle, lie still.
My breath slows, fingers curled.
I stay, for I know this water can’t kill.

But I am losing, my lust devouring water.
The flood turns dark, seductive.
I think to let the desire in my heart flower.
The tremors of my body grow destructive.

Someone, help me, I will go with you.
I cry silently, voice strangled, jaw slack.
I feel, don’t see, the creature in me.
An angel, wide-eyed, wings scorched black.

I hear the song again, the water gone.
My shrieks ring true across the slant.
My eyes crack open to a new dawn.
Air and sky split with a bleeding chant.

The song is louder, since I emerged broken.
A kiss, to mend, to even heal.
I fall again, my need unspoken.
I clutch at the vile cards life would deal.

My eyes fall upon the mirror, clear as day.
A day I can no longer live.
Since I’m on the other side now, pray.
For reasons I will not forgive.


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