I never asked,
to be like this.

I hoped for escape,
from a life I would not miss.

I believed in happiness,
after my last breath.

I thought that peace,
might come with death.

I was not supposed,
to be reborn.

Yet I was,
and now I show this world all of my scorn.

Still dead,
still broken,

I broke the ones who broke me,
even the ones who mattered.

While in the back of mind, I knew,
That I never asked to become a monster.
But I was unable, or unwilling, to see what I had come to.
A dark force only becoming darker.

So when he came for me, when I was blinded by love turned to hate,
When I nearly killed her, killed the one I had dedicated my life to.
So when he came for me, to release me from my fate,
I let myself go, let myself be taken, let myself be run through.

I had died once again,
to his sword I was shut down.

But now it is beautiful
everlasting peace I have found.


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