Artificial Emotions

Calm me.
Soothe me.
Set me free.
Lead me away from human fears.
Halt my flow of childish tears.
Slow my pulse, quiet my wild thoughts.
Give me the serenity I have always sought.
Allow me peace without repent.
Until to oblivion I have been sent.

Heal me.
Strengthen me.
Keep me going.
Prolong my human flesh and blood.
Make my nerves a raging flood.
Let me live, allow inhumanity.
Answer my dying body’s plea.
Continue the surge of my prime.
Until I suddenly run out of time.

Blind me.
Seize me.
Wipe my mind.
When all is lost, simply forget.
Like a clock, just force reset.
Let me be happy, content like before.
Lock the deadbolt to my memories’ door.
Saving me from insanity, you I thank.
For making my mind go utterly blank.


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