You are Heaven, I am Hell

You were the centre of our universe,
Our sun.

You were the bit of hope pushing through desperation,
Our light.

You were the one who was always honest,
Our truth.

You were the only soul who was truly pure and good,
Our heaven.

But then, you left without so much as a word,
Instantly smothering the happiness in our lives.
The void you left was more than we could afford,
The pain of living without you cut like a knife.
The first youngest took up your destiny.
The second youngest stepped aside to quell the pain.
The guardian tried to go on guided by your memory.
And I, the eldest, closed that part of my heart to stay sane.
Because I was convinced in my soul,
That I was the one who stole your life from you.
When I finally met the true culprit it became my life’s goal,
To kill the creature and truly become bloodthirsty too.

I thought I was a darkness that took lives,
My own black hole.

I thought I was the desperation crushing hope,
My own darkness.

I thought I was deception manifested,
My own lie.

I thought I was corrupted so as to be condemned,
My own hell.

Why did you die for me when it should have been the opposite?


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