Last Two at School

I hate the rain,
so cold, so heartless, so empty.
I stare through the window,
fearing the long walk
from roof to roof,
scared of that dreary cold,
that I didn’t know could be warmed.
But I love you,
and I realized on that rainy day.
The fire,
that burned inside me for you.
I finally saw
its light,
as we ran
through the sky’s tears,
you carrying me,
by the hand.
The heat that passed from
you to me,
changed my world more than the storm
that rages outside.
Lit by your eyes.
Your voice,
soft in the darkness.
Brings your desire to my ear and I
To your wish
that was mine before yours.
Your warmth,
in your touch to me,
saved me from the chill
of the haze
that was in my heart.
Even when the lights faded
The sun hid
Time fleeting
Running in fearful joy
you still held me.
In your embrace
I was no longer afraid.
The sound of the water on the other side.
Yet us, we were
silent, away from the fire of the water.
That I hated.
I love the rain,
because of you.
I can see it as you do.
Calm, soothing.
Filled with quiet whispers.
A gentle hand,
not like yours.
Still one that I love.
The rain.
that you pulled me through.
I found.
Was given.
by you and
The rain.


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